These people make awesome music, art, and more. Show some support and check them out. I'll start with my two bass buddies.


[Space Bass] [Deep Dub]

A champion of psychedelia from the US, he will tickle your brain with his tunes.

(Spotify) (SoundCloud) (YouTube) (Twitter) (Instagram)


[Tearout] [LoFi]

A basshead from the US, he has two sides and brings melodic color bass energy.

(Spotify) (SoundCloud) (YouTube) (Twitter) (Instagram)

I also made a couple of streamable playlists with music from the three of us.

Now onto the rest, electronic artists both well known and underground. (genres are approximate)

Apashe Dubstep - Trap Belgium (Spotify) (YouTube) (Website)
Au5 Color Bass - Melodic Riddim USA (Spotify) (SoundCloud) (Website)
Boogie T Dubstep - Electro Funk USA (Spotify) (SoundCloud)
Chime Color Bass - Melodic Dubstep UK (Spotify) (SoundCloud) (Website)
Clozee Downtempo - Psychedelic France (Spotify) (SoundCloud) (Website)
Deadmau5 Progressive House Canada (Spotify) (YouTube) (Website)
DirtySnatcha Dubstep UK (Spotify) (SoundCloud) (Website)
Dirt Monkey Dubstep USA (Spotify) (SoundCloud)
Doctor P Dubstep - Drum & Bass UK (Spotify) (SoundCloud) (Website)
Eliminate Dubstep - Cyber Trap USA (Spotify) (YouTube)
Eptic Dubstep - Drum & Bass Belgium (Spotify) (SoundCloud) (Website)
Excision Dubstep - Riddim Canada (Spotify) (SoundCloud) (Website)
Flux Pavilion Dubstep - Drum & Bass UK (SoundCloud) (Spotify) (Website)
Fox Stevenson Dubstep - Drum & Bass UK (Spotify) (SoundCloud)
Galantis House - Electropop Sweden (Spotify) (YouTube) (Website)
Ganja White Night Dubstep - Wobble Belgium (Spotify) (YouTube) (Website)
Geoxor Melodic Dubstep - Future Bass Greece (Spotify) (YouTube) (Website)
Griz Dubstep - Electro Funk USA (Spotify) (SoundCloud) (Website)
Hardwell Big Room House - Electro House Netherlands (Spotify) (YouTube) (Website)
HRVST Bass House - Tech House USA (SoundCloud) (Spotify)
Infected Mushroom Psychedelic Trance - Electronica Israel (Spotify) (SoundCloud) (Website)
Jauz Electro House - Bass House USA (Spotify) (SoundCloud) (Website)
Knife Party Dubstep - Electro House Australia (Spotify) (YouTube)
Krewella Dubstep - Electro House USA (SoundCloud) (Spotify) (Website)
Liquid Stranger Space Bass - Psychedelic Sweden (Spotify) (SoundCloud)
LSDream Space Bass - Hip-Hop Israel (Spotify) (SoundCloud) (Website)
Lucii Dubstep - Space Bass UK (Spotify) (SoundCloud)
Monxx Dubstep - Riddim UK (Spotify) (SoundCloud) (Website)
Of The Trees Downtempo - Experimental Bass USA (Spotify) (SoundCloud)
Panda Eyes Melodic Dubstep - Glitch-Hop Switzerland (Spotify) (SoundCloud)
Pegboard Nerds Dubstep - Electro House Denmark / Norway (Spotify) (SoundCloud)
Pendulum Drum & Bass Australia (Spotify) (YouTube)
Pigeon Hole Deep Dub - Experimental Bass Canada (Spotify) (SoundCloud) (Website)
Porter Robinson Melodic House - Synth-Pop USA (SoundCloud) (Spotify)
PUNYASO Dubstep - Glitch Hop Spain (YouTube) (SoundCloud)
Rameses B Drum & Bass - Psychedelic Trance UK (Spotify) (YouTube) (Website)
Rezz Midtempo - Psychedelic Canada (Spotify) (SoundCloud) (Website)
Riot Dubstep - Brostep USA (Spotify) (SoundCloud) (Website)
Rusko Dubstep - Dub UK (Spotify) (SoundCloud)
S3RL Happy Hardcore / UK Hardcore Australia (Spotify) (YouTube)
ShamanicApe Grime - Industrial Japan (Spotify) (YouTube)
Similar Outskirts Melodic Dubstep USA (Spotify) (SoundCloud) (Website)
SixofNine House - Techno Japan (SoundCloud)
Skrillex Dubstep - Trap USA (Spotify) (YouTube) (Website)
Spag Heddy Dubstep Netherlands (Spotify) (SoundCloud)
Subdocta Dubstep - Wobble USA (Spotify) (SoundCloud)
Subtronics Dubstep - Riddim USA (Spotify) (SoundCloud)
Sullivan King Dubstep - Metalstep USA (Spotify) (SoundCloud) (Website)
Sully Deep Dup - Flow USA (Spotify) (SoundCloud)
Teminite Dubstep - Drumstep UK (Spotify) (YouTube)
TheFatRat Glitch Hop Germany (YouTube) (Spotify)
Tokyo Machine Electro - Pixel Bass Japan (Spotify) (YouTube) (Website)
Vampa Dubstep USA (Spotify) (SoundCloud)
Virtual Riot Dubstep - Riddim Germany (Spotify) (YouTube)
Wubbaduck Dubstep - Wonk Hungary (Spotify) (SoundCloud)
Xaebor Dubstep USA (SoundCloud) (Spotify)
Zedd House - Electro Pop Germany (Spotify) (YouTube)
Zeds Dead Dubstep - Drum & Bass Canada (SoundCloud) (Spotify) (Website)

Finally, these visual artists help make the producers/DJs look cool.

Art of Andres 3D Graphics - Loops (Twitter) (Instagram)
Beeple 3D Graphics - Loops (Website)
Goop Wizard 3D Graphics - Loops - Microdose VR (YouTube)
Mantissa 3D Graphics - Loops (Website)
Millgram 3D Graphics - Loops (Twitter)