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你好[Ni Hao]

Welcome to my website. Here you will find music, videos, and designs that I've made as well as the tools I use, suggested artists, useful links, and merch.

Pandemica, or Timothy Stockton, is an electronic bass music producer, DJ, and visual artist from New Hampshire, USA that started in 2013.

He focuses on Dubstep but experiments with other genres so far including Psychedelic Trance, Midtempo, Glitch-Hop, Drum & Bass, and House. He enjoys deep flowing basses with vocal elements almost as if they were talking.

"One of the hardest working, motivated producer/DJs out there. I'm genuinely excited to see him continue making moves in the industry!"


About Me

I discovered electronic music in high school, 2009-2013. After, I asked my music friend how people made that kind of stuff. He introduced me to the world of digital audio workstations (DAWs), programs that you can use to make music. I started college with no real direction while working on my new hobby under the name Pandemic (no A yet). A year later, I joined the military and continued to learn everything I could about electronic music production via the internet. I learned a lot throughout my travels and met many wonderful people. I even lived in Japan for three years, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

My friends took me to my first electronic music festival and it was incredible! So many people in one place and the energy was palpable. It deepened my love for the music and inspired me to also DJ. I started with a small party mixer, but after getting the basics down got a much more professional one. I would DJ in the barracks lounge and was fortunate enough to get gigs DJing balls, bars and clubs. About halfway through my contract I decided to change my name to Pandemica (with an A). I had found myself as an artist and more importantly, I found my sound. I liked wubs, wonk, chiptune, and vocal basses.

When I left the military, COVID hit. My new abundance of free time fueled my creative efforts and led to further development of my sound as I now realized I also liked flowing basses and psychedelic elements. I continued to experiment with different electronic subgenres. I also started streaming and learned how to operate my own visuals. I even incorporated music courses into my college schedule as I started my four year computer science degree. During my last year in the military, I had taught myself how to program and had fallen In love with it.

After the first year of college, I got married to my beautiful wife, Sadie. I also jumped into the world of 3D graphic design. During all of this time I had been releasing songs like crazy. I then began to code this very website as I wanted to make my own place on the internet. A place where I could share all of my art with the world during my journey through both music and myself. Do not think that I am even close to done though, for I am only just getting started. I hope you enjoy your time here.